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Protective Glass Shielding


It is essential that the X-Ray protective glass used in x-ray protection rooms offer sufficient protection. A-accurate Radiation lead glass is used in x-ray rooms as windows through which the operator may observe his patient while himself being adequately protected from the x-ray emissions.

A-accurate Radiation glass is a lead -barium type glass with more than 60% heavy metal oxide including at least 55% lead oxide. Both glass surfaces are mirror-polished. This special quality glass is well qualified to meet the high standards of stringent safety regulations around the world. Manufactured by a continuous automatic process this glass is able to maintain a rigidly controlled steady level of physical properties.

Available in various lead equivalents to meet specific needs. Call us about your specific requirements.



Pro-GR Lead Glass for Shielding Against 0.511 MeV Gamma Rays in PET Scan Treatment

Pro-GR is made of glass materials having a lead oxide content rate of roughly 70% that is equivalent to ultra-high lead content block glass for nuclear power facilities. Pro-GR has a radiation shielding capability higher than that of the conventional LX-57B.



Pro – GR Product Data

Thickness (mm) Pro – GR 14.7 Pro – GR 21.8
Lead Equivalent (mm) 5 7.5
Weight (lbs/ft2) 15.8 23.5
Visible Light Transmission 83% 83%
Specific Gravity Min. 5.20 Min. 5.20
Refractive Index 1.81 1.81
Maximum Size 1000 mm x1500 mm (42″ x 60″)