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Lead Lined Doors

A-accurate Radiation Premium Lead Lined Doors consist of a single un-pierced lead sheet factory laminated between a divided solid core. The lead sheet extends the full height and width of the door. the core assembly is securely fastened with counter sunk lead covered lag or thru bolts. The bolts are spaced on 8″ centers and 1 1/2″ from all edges. Factory standard doors for 1/8″ and under lead thickness are available with the lead laminated to the outside of the particle board core. (See details.) Cross bands and face veneer presses with only the finest casein glue available and left to cure overnight. This process assures the strongest lamination of the core to the cross banding and veneers. Lead glass Vision panels and lead light proof cover can be provided as required.

All doors are manufactured in our plant in Cary,Illinois under strict quality control standards and made to your particular requirements.

For face veneers other than birch and oak please allow for additional delivery time based on availability of the required wood type.

 Can meet most LEEDS requirements. 

Wood Doors

Hollow Metal doors Fire rated 3 hour UL

Linear accelerator and Neutron Shield Doors

Fire Rated wood doors up to 90 min UL


  • Lead Lined Locksets
  • Power Door Operators

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